We Left Our Donations On The Porch

donation on porch

My wife slowly works on cleaning out everyone's closets.  She makes piles as she goes, so if the kids get out clothes for school that end up not fitting them anymore,  they go in the donation pile for kids, etc.  It is hard for her to throw things out as she likes to hold onto everything "just in case" but is she knows the items are being donated, she is happy to help. Normally she was waiting until she had a large load of donations ready and … [Read more...]

It’s Chocolate Torte For My Dad


Every time my parents come to town, my wife makes Chocolate Torte for my dad.  It's a pudding dessert that her mom used to make when she was growing up.  She made it once for my dad and he was hooked.  You can make this dessert with any flavor of pudding.  Lemon and Butterscotch work great, but they have decided that Chocolate is the best way to go. This dessert takes my wife a long time to make but she says it's definitely worth it in the … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Easter Candy Centerpiece

Easter Centerpiece w Candy

Easter is almost here, surprise the family with a fun Easter Candy Centerpiece.  My wife threw this Easter Candy Centerpiece together for the kids after finding a few ideas on Pinterest.  She is watching her weight so she used jelly beans since she thought she could stay out of those and then used chocolate eggs for Bobby.  Of course, she found herself digging into the jelly beans on the first night and eating tons of eggs because Bobby would … [Read more...]

#Win Scrigit Scraper #Giveaway PLUS Starbucks Gift Card

scrapper paint

My wife loves her product reviews.  She writes BlogWithMom.com and loves to take on family friendly product reviews which feature items that will benefit at least one of our family members.  She just reviewed the Scrigit Scaper Tool, not that she is a huge house cleaning fanatic, but because she is practical and could use this scraper tool in her household supplies. Here's a video for you so you can learn more about the Scrigit … [Read more...]

My Wife Is NUTS About This!

Chia Pop bag

My wife loves the Chia Pop popcorn!  She used to purchase this at our local grocery, but unfortunately, the grocery stopped carrying it, so he has now went to purchasing her Chia Pop in bulk from Amazon. In order for her to get her favorite Chia Pop from Amazon, she has to purchase this in bulk, which means she ends up buying twelve full size bags of Chia Pop popcorn.  In order to keep from needing to store all this popcorn, she sells it … [Read more...]

Plan Surprise Spa Day For Mom At Home

mom kids

Mom is probably one of the hardests workers you know.  She deserves a day off, but sometimes it’s hard to do that with kids in the house.  I have the solution!  Plan a spa day for mom in your own home!  This is very simple, and she will love it! What you will need varies depending on what you want to do.  Fresh flowers are always nice, so make sure you have some in a vase on the kitchen table/counter, or her nightstand.  Women love facemasks, … [Read more...]

Connect With Your Kids Through Arts And Crafts

While your children are still young and full of imagination, plan a weekly/bi-weekly craft session with them. Let them pick out the supplies and plan what they want to do that week. Let them get a little messy! Use paint, glue, tissues paper, scissors, Popsicle sticks, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, etc. You can even buy them some blank aprons for them to decorate and wear for each craft session. Make craft time as personal and special as … [Read more...]