DIY: Re-String Your Lawn Chairs

broken lawn chair

My wife loves to sit outside under our porch fan in the lawn chairs that lay back, watch the kids in the yard and just talk.  She always brings us out something to sip on and sometimes popcorn or other low calorie snacks for us to enjoy.   We also have deer that come right up to our back fence each night, even with the kids playing, the dog bark and my wife and I chatting. These chairs are going on Summer #3 for us and have been great for our … [Read more...]

Moving To A New Home With Kids


Moving home can be a stressful experience with children, the change and sense of loss can be overwhelming and the hustle and bustle of moving day can make them feel excluded and confused.  It doesn’t need to be this though, moving can be an exciting and interesting time for children, here are our tips on how to make that so: Advance Warning It’s often the case that parents leave big news right until the last minute to tell their children, … [Read more...]

My Dad Pranked Her!

Dining Room Renovation

My wife and I have been planning a kitchen remodel for some time.  She has been trying to organize everything in order to make our "kitchen down time" go as smoothly as possible. Above you'll see our dining room.  She has turned it into a makeshift kitchen with our microwave and the food that we are most likely to eat displayed on the dining room table.  This way the kids can easily get their own snacks and we can make sandwhiches and … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video: Kellogg’s #ShowYourStripes

Bonding with your children is extremely important.  Those bonds form the wonderful relationship you have with your child, and it keeps that relationship close as the years pass by.  My sons are both very athletic, so I like to take advantage of that and use it in any way I can to bond with them and let them know that I am not just their dad, but their biggest fan and supporter.  In order for them to do their best every day, I make sure they have … [Read more...]

#Giveaway Fun Books For Kids ENDS 7/13

Smithsonian Books

I always look forward to the fun times spent over the Summer with the family, but I also encourage my boys to continue reading during this time.  It's hard to get reading time in with all the running between water parks and play times with friends, but it's very important that the boys continue to read over the summer months.  My oldest has a reading list from his school that he follows, but I encourage the youngest to read books that catch his … [Read more...]

Have You Read My Book?

michael book fair dino

I published my first book and have been working on book promotions.  My wife and I attended a book signing in Canada and a book signing at our local Barnes & Noble.  We have had a lot of fun through my this experiences gained from writing An Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom:  Change Your Perception Of Money   I decided to write this book so that my boys could read about my thoughts and experiences once they get older.  My eight … [Read more...]

Our Family Roots For The Houston Rockets

Bobby Rockets

Have you been following the Rockets in the playoff games?  Our family was on the edge of our seats last night counting down the last few seconds of the game.  We've still got hope that the Houston Rockets can come through with a win against this team.  My boys are rooting and even my wife has been screaming from the couch, which is very abnormal for her.  She never used to be a sports fan, but now that our boys play basketball, she is becoming on … [Read more...]