EdenPURE Infrared Heater

Since we live in the South, we have not had too much “cold” weather yet this year.  Just a couple weeks ago we had to break out our EdenPURE Infrared Heater.  A couple years ago we decided to save money in the winter by purchasing a infrared heater to take the chill off the primary living area in our home.  My wife and I did not see the sense in heating our entire home to a comfortable temperature.  We thought is was not only a waste of energy to heat the entire home but also it was a waste of money.  We really like our EdenPure Infrared Heater.  The outer shell of the EdenPure Infrared Heater is cool to the touch, unlike many of the older heaters I grew up with which would burn you if you ever rubbed up against the heater.  I cannot quote a price reduction in utility bills, but it just makes sense.