December 2015: Great Times

The last two months of the year are always super hectic!  Thanksgiving rolls in and before you know it Christmas is here and passed.  My wife loves baking all of our favorite holiday sweets and the boys still enjoy helping her.  They have so much fun when it's time to decorate the cut out Sugar Cookies.  This makes a huge mess but my wife is so happy when they are together in the kitchen working on these cookies that the mess is never an issue. … [Read more...]

Can You Believe?

Can you believe that the holidays are almost here?  It's almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas is just around the corner!  Since we've been remodeling, our house is still turned upside down with two rooms still in need of rearrangement. I would love for our house to be decorated for the holidays right now, but first we've got to get everything organized before we drag out all the decorations.  Since my wife is a product reviewer, we do have a … [Read more...]

How Much Money Is Spent On Halloween?

It's October and Halloween will be here before we know it.  In Texas the heat is still with us and hopefully by Halloween night, it will be cool enough for the kids to enjoy a fun Halloween costume without sweating so bad underneath their Halloween costumes.  Our family has learned to stay away from thick Halloween costumes and facepaint because the Texas heat has been know to get the best of you on Halloween night.  The only way we'd give in to … [Read more...]

TODAY: Final Carpet Installation

We have been working on upgrading our home for some time now.  Last week, the carpet was installed, but at the end of the job, the workers ran out of carpet before the last of the job could be completed.  The carpet is beautiful and feels so great on our feet, but if you step just right and land on the nails coming out of our "naked" steps, that doesn't feel too hot!  Of course our carpet selection wasn't in stock at the store, so the carpet … [Read more...]

Kayla Needs Your Help: Parent Survey

Hi! My name is Kayla Landis and I am an undergraduate student at Clark University in Worcester, MA. I am currently conducting research in the Psychology Department with my adviser, Dr. Nicole Overstreet, as part of my senior honors thesis. My study is titled “Public Point of View: How Parents Are Perceived When Their Children Misbehave”. My research focuses on just that; I am curious to know how people view one’s parenting skills when … [Read more...]

Car Care Is A MUST

Men are usually the ones in the family who take care of the car maintenance.  I know some people who do not care to maintain their vehicles, and they do not realize the damage they are doing when they think their cars are fine! Think about the payoffs that come with maintaining your vehicle: Street smarts.  Feel safe, sound, and confidant by knowing that your car is in good shape and that you have emergency roadside skills. Save money … [Read more...]

Travis Got His Driver’s Permit

Is it about time to start thinking about getting your son or daughter set up to take their driver's permit test?  Our son turned 15 in June, so we signed him up for driver's education class as soon as school started.  Within a week of starting this class, he was ready to take his driver's permit test.  We couldn't believe how quickly this happened, but our son was on cloud 9!  The driver's education class provided us with all the info. we needed … [Read more...]